Vikki Kingslien Riding

Vikki Kingslien
Endurance Horse Racer

44186 154th Street
Florence, South Dakota 57235

Phone:  605-758-3060

Vikki Kingslien

Vikki Kingslien is an endurance horse racer in Florence, South Dakota at (605) 758-3060 who owns and operates the Meadowlark Bed and Breakfast and the Meadowlark Horse Motel.

Vikki Kingslien is a member of the Clifton Horse Society which promotes and sponsors the equestrian sport of endurance riding. Vikki Kingslien is also a long time member of Old Dominion Endurance Rides in Virginia. Old Dominion annually hosts several endurance clinics and endurance rides in Northern Virginia including: The No Frills, The Old Dominion, one of the premier 100 mile endurance rides in the United States, and The Fort Valley. Vikki Kingslien has competed in these events and others across the country, and has also been a Ride Manager for various long distance endurance events.

From Old Dominion:
"Vikki Kingslien has “gone north” to a charming little farm in the rolling hills of South Dakota – the state in which her ancestors first settled upon coming to America. Vikki was the OD Board Secretary, and also 2-time Ride Manager for the OD – a tremendous, and daunting undertaking that she performed with tireless energy and incredible precision. The OD was indeed lucky to have Vikki on board for the years she served, and will truly miss her. We wish her all the best in her new ventures."

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